Dovi Safar, a dedicated skater, is in 3rd grade, and has a keen eye for composition and color with influences from street art, skating, and fashion. Through his art, he captures the feeling of freedom, graffiti, and speaks to excessive consumerism. His series, Superwe, is a response to the fashion label Supreme, while his comics explore the space between art and commercialism, graffiti versus paid adverts, and the consequences that come with accepting one over the other.

In his art, Dovi uses mixed mediums, like paint pens, pixelated graphics, and found objects, unifying disparate elements to create colorful modern art pieces. The work displays a unique eye with a finger on the pulse of culture; something you would expect from a seasoned artist and designer, rather than that of a nine year old who is only just beginning his journey into the world of modern art.

“A thoughtful display of artistic expression and commentary shown through a uniquely youthful and honest lens.” – D. Cohen